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Chhattisgarh Tourism

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Location: Central India
Capital: Raipur
Tourist Attractions: Raipur, Bastar (Tribals in Chhattisgarh), Wildlife Sanctuaries, Eco Tourism.
Best Time To Visit: October To May

Tourism in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, the 26th state of the Indian Union, is located in the heart of India. The newly formed Indian state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2000. Chattisgarh is famous for its unique and rich cultural heritage and exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes. The region is full of lush green virgin forests, scenic hills and plateaus intersected by meandering rivers, waterfalls, ancient caves and temples and the last but not least for its rich tribal population. With so much of varieties, Chhattisgarh has a great potential for the growth of tourism. Also the birthplace of many empires and kingdoms of India with the Mauryas being the most prominent, Chhattisgarh has a rich historical and cultural heritage and its history, archaeology, art and culture and tribal life are the main attractions of the Chhattisgarh Tourism. Visit and discover this unique and beautiful region of India on your Chhattisgarh Tour with Tourism of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh offers an exciting range of tourist attractions to its visitors. Be it historic attractions like monuments, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, ancient caves and rock Paintings; natural landscapes like exotic waterfalls, enchanting hill Plateaus and lush green forest surrounding with amazing wildlife; or unique arts & crafts and the tribal villages, Chhattisgarh has it all, and the region has a great potential for the growth of tourism. To harness the potential of tourism fully, the government of Chhattisgarh has set up a State Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) and drafted its tourism policy concentrating on Special Tourism Areas such as Culture, Heritage and Ethno-Tourism, Pilgrim Tourism, Eco-tourism, Adventure Tourism and Business and Leisure Tourism. The Chhattisgarh government has also taken initiatives towards the tourism specific infrastructure developments with the active participation of private sector by providing suitable land on lease basis for construction and management of hotels, restaurants, tourist spots and other wayside tourist amenities.

With about 44% of its area under forests, Chhattisgarh is one of the richest bio-diversity regions of India having great potentials for the growth of eco-tourism. Visit and discover this little green and undiscovered paradise with Tourism of Chhattisgarh. Explore its scenic natural landscapes, tribal life of the well-known Bastar region, amazing temples, and much more of the still virgin and unexplored Chhattisgarh, on your tours to Chhattisgarh. The major eco-tourism destinations of Chhattisgarh include like Indravati and Kanger Valley National Parks and other protected forest areas of the state. See some of the most endangered species of wildlife such as Wild Buffalos and other animals like Tigers, Leopards, Guars, Sambars and a variety of exotic and colorful birds on tours to Chhattisgarh with Tourism of Chhattisgarh. Other enjoyable Chhattisgarh tours include sightseeing tours, tours to tribal villages, adventure tours, pilgrimage tours and business tours. Major tourist centers of Chhattisgarh are Amarkantak, Kawardha, Bastar, Jagdalpur, Chitrakote Falls, Indravati National Park, Kanger Valley National Park, Danteswari Temple to name a few. Though, still an emerging tourist destination of India, Chhattisgarh has great tourism potentials and promises to offer you a travel destination with a difference.
mp tourism, tourism of mp, mp tourism guide, mp tourist guide
Chhattisgarh Places to See

All the important Towns of the Region like Bhilai (25 km), Durg(41 km), Jagadalpur (297 Km), Rajnandgaon(70 km), Bilaspur (115 km) Jabalpur (369 km) and Bhopal(712 km) are connected with Raipur by Road. Visitors can also go to Hirakud Dam near Sambalpur and Puri (Orissa) by Road for which Bus Service is available. Raipur offers an attractive altenate Road route to Kanha National Park and enroute the traveller may also visit Bhoramdeo too. The route is Raipur-Kawardha- Bhoramdeo-Bodla- Chilpi- Supkhar-Muddi (178Km).

BASTAR , is the Land of Tribals & Natural Resources.

Champaran (Champajhar)
The village is identified with Champaranya, the birth place of the Saint Vallabhacharya, the reformer and founder of the Vallabh Sect for whom this place has religious sanctity. A temple was constructed in honour of Guru Swamy Vallabhacharya. Near to this Temple, there is the temple of Champakeshwara Mahadeva.

An annual fair is held every year in the month of Magh (January - February). Birth Anniversary of Mahapprabhu Vallabhacharya is celebrated every year on Eleventh bright day of Baisakh (April-May) and a large number of followers of the Sect assemble here to pay homage.

Cultural Heritage in Chhattisgarh
mp tourism, tourism of mp, mp tourism guide, mp tourist guide

Chhattisgarh has identified and is developing ethnic villages and private sector is encouraged for proper maintenance and professional site management of important heritage sites/monuments. Bhoramdeo, Rajim, Sirpur, Tala, Malhar and Sheorinarayan are prime sites for heritage tourism.

Festivals like Dusshera at Bastar, Madai at Dantewada and Narainpur, Bhoramdeo, Raut Nacha, Chakradhar Samaroh and Rajim are being marketed for global exposure.

Pilgrim Tourism
The State encourages development of pilgrimage centres. Rajim, Champaranya, Dongargarh, Sheorinarayan, Girodhpuri, Dantewada, Ratanpur, Sirpur and others are prime destinations for pilgrim tourism. Sirpur and Dongargarh would be part of the wider Buddhist tourist circuit.

Adventure Tourism
There is great scope for the promotion of modern adventure sports such as water sports, trekking, rock climbing, parasailing and bungee jumping.

Eco Tourism in Chhattisgarh

With 12% share of India’s forests, Chhattisgarh’s 3 National Parks and 11 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks are a major attraction. It has several virgin attractions in protected areas such as Kanger Valley National Park, Barnawapara, Sitanadi, Udanti and Achanakmar Sanctuaries. The endangered Wild Buffalo (Bubalis bubalis) and the even more endangered Hill Myna (Graculis religiosa peninsularis) are the State Animal and State Bird respectively.

The State has taken several steps for their preservation. Natural attractions are being promoted with increased local participation and encouragement to herbal gardens and natural health resorts.
The mystique of aboriginal tribal ethno-medicine which predates even Ayurveda has been preserved and practised over the millenia.

Mainpat (Surguja), Keshkal valley (Kanker), Chaiturgarh (Bilaspur), Bagicha (Jashpur), Kutumbsar caves, Kailash caves, Tirathgarh falls, Chitrakot falls (Bastar) are all exhilarating destinations being promoted for nature and wildlife tourism. Wildlife areas, camping grounds and trekking facilities would be few of the prime attractions.

Tribals in Chhattisgarh BASTAR , is the Land of Tribals & Natural Resources.

This Divine Land is also enriched with Natural Beauty which makes it a paradise for tourists.

The deep forest area between bushes and bamboos where one always feel the absence of sunlight , wide and thick forests , between high mountains cool flowing streams , sky-touching mountains , caves , high waterfalls , and in the valleys the spread of greenary and in between this , the huts made by bamboo sticks, the fearless life style of the tribals and their culture, one's heart and mind would be filled with new wonders and pleasure.

Bastar is a tribal district where about 70% of the total population are tribals and which constitutes 26.76% of the total tribal population of Chhattisgarh state . Each tribal group has their own culture and each of them are following their own traditional living ways.

These tribal groups are having different spoken languages and they differ from each other in their costume, eating habits, customs, art,living ways etc. Some of the tribals are still living in interior forests and they do not like to come to the outer world and mingle with the modern civilisation and are unaware of what is happening in the world.
mp tourism, tourism of mp, mp tourism guide, mp tourist guide

The Main tribal groups that are seen in Bastar distict are:-

» Gonds Tribals

» Abhuj Maria Tribals

» Bison Horn Maria Tribals

» Muria Tribals

» Halba Tribals

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh

The district of Raipur possesses three wildlife sanctuaries. The sanctuaries are open throughout the year but looking to the accessibility it is advisable that the visits are made during November to June in the Year.

With a varied terrain of wooded hills abounding with evergreen sal forests, precious timber procuring, natural and planted teak forests and mixed forests of higher and medium quality, the sanctuaries offer abundant opportunities of sighting a variety of wild life.

The predominant species in the sanctuaries are deer and the most easily sighted are the graceful little chinkara, the Indian gazelle and the chital or spotted deer. Other species that have their habitat in the sanctuaries are nilgai, Sambar, Kotri,barking deer, chausingha or four horned antelope, sloth bear, wild boar, wild dog, jackal,wolf, hyena and bison.

Tiger & leopards/panthers can also be spotted in the sanctuaries, but they are certainly in limited numbers. The sanctuary's avifauna includes peacock, jungle fowl, pigeon, green pigeon, wood plucker, quail, gray-partridge, parrot, stork etc. Artificial water holes have been developed in the area to attract migratory birds which are good sites for bird-watchers in winter and for general tourists in summer.

Barnawapara Sanctuary
mp tourism, tourism of mp, mp tourism guide, mp tourist guide
Barnawapara sanctuary occupies the Northern part of Mahasamund District and covers an area of 244.66 sq. Kms

Sita Nadi Sanctuary
The Sitanadi Sanctuary occupies the Southern most parts of Dhamtari Tehsil in Raipur District land joins Orrisa State boundary. It covers lover 552.55 Sq.Kms. of area.

Udanti Sanctuary
The Udanti Sanctuary occupies the South-Eastern portion of Gariaband Tehsil of Raipur District and adjoins Orissa State in Eastern side. It covers an area of 247.59 Sq. Kms. The Sanctuary is principally created to protect the wild buffaloes. The other species are also abundant in the area.

How to Reach
By Air: Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the only airport in the state. The Indian Airlines connect the city with Delhi and Nagpur by daily flights.
By Rail: Chhattisgarh is well connected with good railway network. Raipur and Bilaspur are the two major railway stations, which connect it to major cities and towns of India.
By Road: The National Highways (NH) 6, 16 and 43 connect all the major cities and towns of Chhattisgarh to other parts of the country.

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